Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Posted on - May 22nd, 2019

Its almost halfway through 2019!

So what’s trending this year in the digital marketing space? Let’s touch on three of the up and coming trends in digital marketing.

1. Voice Search

The increased movement away from desktop to mobile and smart-home devices has introduced us to digital assistants and voice search.

What do you mean voice search?

For example, instead of typing “restaurants around me” users now ask their digital assistants “what’s the best place to eat “.

Whats the difference?

Searches have become more conversational, focusing on long tail keywords to produce the best results.The built-in map features on most smart devices mean there is no need to be specific with regards to the area, search results will automatically take this into account.

Digital assistants will take into account the ratings that are available which gives an accurate result of what users are looking for.

A large audience has given the above restaurant a good rating
Google assistant example

2. Chatbots

People can be very impatient when they want something. Hiring someone to manage responses can be an expensive task.

How to do businesses incorporate a chat system without hiring extra staff?

Integrate a chatbot into your digital platforms, these bots are programmed to offer answers to queries which are often asked and provide immediate answers to your clients or future customers.

What happens if a chat bot cannot answer you clients questions?

A feature is built into most chat bots that gives users the option to escalate their query to person which closes the loop on customer engagement.

3. Nextgen SEO

July 2018 saw Google’s search algorithm update to include the speed at which a website loads. Simply put the faster a website loads the better it will rank in Google searches. This is what Google’s Jeremy Wagner had to say.

“In our shared pursuit to push the web to do more, we’re running into a common problem: performance. Sites have more features than ever before. So much so, that many sites now struggle to achieve a high level of performance across a variety of network conditions and devices.
Performance issues vary. At best, they create small delays that are only briefly annoying to your users. At worst, they make your site completely inaccessible, unresponsive to user input, or both. “


How do you test how fast your website is?

Google has provided a free tool to test how fast your website is and how to fix your website in order for it to load faster Google SiteSpeed Insights.

Two of the most common problems websites have are:

  1. Images which are too large or in a “data-heavy” format, crop your images in order to make them smaller and load quicker.
  2. Minify your CSS ( the code which styles your website ). Minifying your CSS removes spaces in the code and decreases the time it takes to read the CSS.

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