Four reasons why digital marketing can help your business 2019

Posted on - April 7th, 2019

Having a clear digital marketing strategy allows your business to target ideal audiences, which drives interest in your business.

Reasons why your business should invest in digital marketing:

Reaching the right people

Digital platforms allow you to target your ideal customers according to what their interests are, what stage of life they are in and where they live.

For example, if you are a realtor your primary audience will be homeowners in your feeder area who are between the ages of (30 – 65) who are interested in selling their homes.

But how do digital marketing platforms know to target those people? Well in the case of social media platforms the profile you as a user set up gives the platforms most of the information. In assistance to that, the actions you take such as the post and pages you like build your profile up even more.

Its all measurable

Traditional advertising methods will only be able to give you an assumption of how many people saw the advertisement, digital platforms, on the other hand, give you the exact figure of how many people saw your advertisement versus how many people clicked on your advertisement and what lead to a conversion.

The data which is received from the digital platforms allows for re-alignment of goals, assisting in receiving more and better-quality leads.

More and more people use digital platforms

A recent study has shown 33.9 million people use social media platforms every day.

Here is a quick breakdown:

Facebook 16 million

Twitter 8.0 million

LinkedIn 6.1 million

Instagram 3.8 million

The most growth being on Instagram, seeing the number of users go up by 8.5%.

More interactive brands

Advertising on digital platforms gives your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand like never before. Customers are now able to give feedback on your business, its products and services.

Yes, this is not always a good thing because an unhappy customer will let you know exactly what they don’t like about your business. Wouldn’t you like to know what customers are saying and be able to give feedback on the situation instead of not being able to do something about it?

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